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Discover the sounds of Sage featured at the sounds of Sage on radio station KSAG. The best way to do this is through the sounds which encourage me. I like all kinds of music, and there is a place for rock and roll, country, classical, etc in my life.

I've played the piano since I was eight, so I'm drawn to string/keyboards sounds incorporated by harmony. I'm drawn to the piano for its incredible capacity as a solo instrument to influences the audience emotions. Yet, as an accompanist, the piano allows other instruments to shine. When include in an ensemble or orchestra, the piano contributes equally with the other instruments. 

And I love when the words melt into the music to the point where you are not sure where one ends and the begins. At the end of the day, folk music is the great salve for my soul. These songwriters combine poetry and music to tell stories, maybe the perfect world. (and don't forget Luckenbach, Texas is just around the corner.)

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Songs Which Inspire Me

Through the years, these songs impacted me in various way shaping who I am and therefore shaping my writing. Of course, these songs are not the only impact songs in my life, but are representative of all of the others.

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The Music Inspiring Me In 2013

So many things are happening in my life in 2013, working on a new career, moving my parents into my home, caring for them, and getting my house ready to sell. It can be overwhelming. As I was planning the year, I found these three songs which spoke so closely to my needs, I decided to make them my songs for the year. I listen to them most mornings during my devotion time. 

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The Sounds Of Sage

These songs are a part of my vision of Sage and writing. 

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