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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 43 June 14, 2021

Nehemiah 5:7, ESV

Talking to myself…


A couple of weeks ago, I was so encouraged to hear this verse in a sermon, 

I took counsel with myself,

Nehemiah 5:7a, ESV. 


I don’t know how I have missed this verse  before.

It is always reassuring to find one of your character traits in the Bible. 

As a youngster, my family was very use to me being alone in a and room talking to myself. But others, were often freaked out by it. 

How freeing it is to see these words in the Bible. 

And, today, I read in 1 King 12:26a, CSB, ‘Jeroboam said to himself.’ But then,  he made two golden calves. That advice didn’t turn out so good. 

I’m studying these two verses in all the English translations on Bible Gateway. There is this sense that when you talk to yourself you open yourself to hearing your heart. And listening to your heart calms yourself down. 

So as long as your heart is on the right path, talking to yourself is a pretty cool thing. 

(Just watch out for the golden calves talk.)

When has taking counsel with yourself helped?


Respond to this email, or on my facebook page. 

Be safe. 

Lyndie Blevins

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